We formed Tendient to help businesses grow. Winning tenders takes care of growing your revenue. Cutting your costs improves your bottom line. The difference is more profit to you.

To achieve this, a simple philosophy underpins what we do. Achieve your desired business outcomes, whilst offering you the greatest level of convenience. We take the burden, using our know-how, leaving you to run your business.

Our approach has helped clients to over £10m in contracts in the last year. And it didn't cost them bazillions to use our services.

Based in Newport, South Wales, our experienced team of friendly buyers are on-hand to help. Our team has worked in both big and small companies, and the public sector. We've been responsible for running tenders as buyers. This included scoring those suppliers who have tendered. We've also submitted the tenders and felt the emotion of the buyer's feedback. This experience means we know how to best represent you to the buyer.

With over 18 years' experience, we've seen it all. This gives your business the opportunity to have a unique insight into how to win a tender