ESPD has arrived in Wales: What does this mean for your next bid?

European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) | Tendient | Wales


Quick read: The ESPD will replace existing question-sets with a similar question set used across all EU member states. This can be saved, edited and repurposed on Sell2Wales for use on future bids to save time in bidding.

The European single procurement document (ESPD) is now live on the Sell2Wales website. This replaces the Supplier Qualification Information Database (SQuID) question set found previously in Welsh tender documents. We’ll take a look at what the ESPD is, and what you can expect.

European Single Procurement Document

The European Single Procurement Document is a standard form for use by all EU member states (until at least post-Brexit for the UK!) which replaces pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQs). The ESPD will be asking for information typically found in PQQs such as:

  • Organisation and contact details
  • Financial status
  • Insurance
  • Self-certifying questions (pass/fail questions such as modern slavery requirements, corruption, fraud, contract terminations etc.)
  • Technical/professional ability

What does this mean for UK SMEs?

In short, it will significantly reduce the administrative burden. The same question set will be used across the EU, so a bidder will be able to re-use a form which was previously submitted for a separate tendering exercise, so long as the information is still up-to-date.


The first ESPD response you create can be saved as an ESPD profile on Sell2Wales. This useful feature allows you to save and edit your ESPD. This will enable you to reuse the response answers in future ESPD responses. You may also have more than one ESPD profile, which can be useful if you have more than one service or business division that you regularly bid for work with.


Key to note is that the ESPD is a self-declaration document that will be submitted electronically. This means that you will state that you have all the relevant insurances, policies and accreditations etc., and only the winning company will need to submit the full evidence of documentation to prove that it qualifies for the award of contract.


What about the existing information on my tendering portals?

Value Wales (Welsh Government’s department for shaping procurement policy and best-practice) states that ‘From October 2018 we expect to decommission SQuID. From this date customers will only be able to use the new ESPD.’ This will likely mean you need to create a ESPD before then, maybe copying the information manually, or you could face losing all your pre-populated answers on the current SQuID question-set.


In conclusion, less documentation, one standard form and question set that can be saved and reused, that should make the process of bidding for a public contract easier.


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