How to Navigate Sell2Wales – Part 2

The Sell2Wales homepage


Welcome to the second instalment of our 2 part guide ‘How to Naviagte Sell2Wales’.


In part 1, we introduced Sell2Wales as a platform and guided you through the initial sign-up stages.  In Part 2, we focus on the steps you need to take in order to search for public sector contracts and subsequently record your interest.


Picking up from where we left off last…


– Immediately after registering with Sell2Wales, you will be presented with the option of signing up to the ‘Notice Alerts Service’ – by following through with this and creating a search profile (i.e. contract preferences etc.), you will be notified via email daily of any suitable contracts based on your industry sector.  It is entirely up to you if you follow through with this or not, although it is highly recommended that you do.  Talking from experience, it is a useful, time saving feature if you intend on bidding for tenders on a regular basis, or simply wish to stay abreast of the latest tender opportunities in your sector.

– Whatever happens here (i.e. you click ‘okay’ and create a profile; you click on ‘cancel’ and forgo this extra feature), you will end up back on the home screen.


Now would be a good time to check what contracts are available.  To start, head over to the ‘Search for Contracts’ section of the homepage.


This is the 'search for contracts' box in Sell2Wales


– Using the drop-down arrows, choose the location most relevant to your organisation then select what type of notice* you would like to view (i.e. current or future opportunities).  A third option, ‘Contract Results’, provides previous bidders or general users of the site, information on which contracts have been awarded.

You can also use keywords to instruct the system to present you only with notices that are relevant to your business and industry.  For instance, if you input the word ‘marketing’ in the keyword field, select ‘Cardiff and Vale’ under the location tab and ‘current opportunities’ under the ‘notices’ tab, you will be presented with all marketing related contracts specific to the Cardiff and Vale area that are currently still active.

– Once you have made your choices, you will be transferred to the ‘Search for Notices Page’, where you can further refine your results based on the categories provided.  These include:


Sell2Wales allows you to refine your search for contracts


  • Buyer Name’ (useful if you are aware of a contract issued by a particular buyer)
  • ‘Reference Number’ (useful if you are coming back to a contract you have previously looked at)
  • ‘Category’ (used by buyers to classify each notice or contract)
  • ‘Published From’ and ‘Published To’ (presents all notices published during a certain date range)


[*Wait! Notices?  I thought buyers issued contracts?


They do!  Notices are the individual pages dedicated to a particular contract.  They contain all the preliminary information a prospective supplier needs in order to assess the contract at hand.  More on this later.]


– Under the date field of each individual notice, you will notice a number of different icons.  According to Sell2Wales:


“Icons are displayed alongside notices according to the type of notice being advertised”


This is how the list of notices appears on Sell2Wales


The following link will provide you with all the information you will need regarding notice icons:


Step 4 – Record your Interest


– As soon as you come across a notice that takes your fancy, click on the red, underlined heading.  This will take you to the individual notice page, as described above.

– Ignore the big, red ‘Record Your Interest’ button at the top for now and concentrate on the following two sections:


– Notice Details

– Further Instructions


Notice Details



Quite self-explanatory, this section provides you with all the preliminary information concerning the contract.  It is split into five sections:


Introduction: brief overview of the contract (i.e. the buyer’s name, deadline date etc.)

Full Contract notice: a detailed explanation of the contract and what is entailed.  Here you will also find information such as ‘Buyer Name & Address’ and ‘Contract Value’.

– Further info: any other information relevant to the contract

– Contact info: the buyer’s main contact information (typically the email address and telephone number of the individual in charge of issuing the contract)

– Coding: the 2 sub-sections that make up this section are ‘Commodity Categories’ and ‘Delivery Locations’:


  • ‘Commodity Categories’ refers to what service(s) the buyer is requesting from suppliers through the contract (i.e. ‘Printing Services’, ‘Food, Beverages, Tobacco and Related Products’ etc).


  • ‘Delivery Locations’ refers to which locations throughout the UK the contract is open to.


Further Instructions


This section is not always present, although when it is, it will be comprised of one of the following tabs or both:



Record Your Interest: this merely informs you of what happens when you record your interest in the contract (see below for further information).

Additional Documents: this tab will usually contain further instructions, typically in the form of a downloadable PDF, pertaining to the nature of the contract and how you can contact the buyer or submit a bid.


Pressing this button will register your interest in a contract on Sell2Wales

– Once you have read all the information and assessed if you are capable of fulfilling the contract, feel free to click on the button entitled ‘Record Your Interest Now’.



– Clicking on this button does not officially enter you into the tender process, it merely triggers an email response with all the information required to submit a bid for the contract, whilst adding the contract notice to your ‘supplier interest list’ (a page which saves all the notices you have expressed an interest in.  See below).  Click save at the bottom of the page to proceed.



Step 5 – Interest List & what happens next?


– Upon clicking save, you will receive an email with all the information required to submit an official bid for the contract in question.

– You will also be transferred to a page entitled Interest Registered.  Click ‘continue’ to be transferred back to the home screen.


Upon registering your interest in a contract on Sell2Wales, this pop-up box will appear.


One last thing to cover…


Interest List

As alluded to earlier, this page lists all the notices you have recorded an interest in for ease of access.  This is particularly useful if you need to remind yourself of any looming deadline dates or check the details of a particular notice.


 The Interest List on Sell2Wales lists all of the contracts you have registered an interest in


Now that you have registered your interest and received all the necessary information, it is up to you to craft a winning bid!  If you need any help, check out our blog “How to Prepare a Tender-Top Tips for Bid Writing Success” or feel free to call or send us an email to see how we can assist you.  Good luck!