Bid Writing

Bid writing is just writing - right? Well consider the following example tender question.

'How do you make sure that the quality of your products or services is consistent?' You may think, “easy!”, and respond 'We have skilled staff, and then their work is checked by a manager and signed-off'. Another company may respond, 'We are cognisant of minimising the quality-delta. Our solution architects cascade the values of our QMS to ensure all work is exceptional'. One sounds fancier than the other, but both would not receive a very good score.

We know what the missing ingredients are to writing that winning bid. We know all the jargon you may read on other sites, such as ‘storyboards’, ‘win-themes’ and ‘hot-buttons’. Like an accountant who knows their industry, we know ours too. Rest assured we know all the approaches needed to write that compelling bid.

If you value your time, and would rather us take up the task of writing your winning tender response - get in touch.