Tendering Support

You have laboured over your bid, poured your heart and soul into it, and then submitted your bid – “great!”, you think, that’s a winner. The evaluation letter arrives and you’re unsuccessful. Downhearted you tell everyone - tendering is rubbish anyway, and it always goes to the ‘big-boys’!

Maybe there is another step. Why not get your bid reviewed before you submit it, and have a second pair-of-eyes cast a look over it? With Tendient, one of our experienced buyers will be on-hand to check your bid. We offer feedback and can even make the edits before you submit your bid. We can ensure your answers meet what is being asked.

Or, you want to start tendering, but not sure how. Well, we can help identify the size of the market available to you, and even get you 'tender-ready'. We'll do whatever we can to help you on your way to winning that next contract.